"Witch's Lament" is the third and final Halloween-themed episode of the television series Desperate Housewives, originally aired on ABC as the sixth episode of the show's eighth season.

Plot summaryEdit

Susan is appointed as Andre's intern and ends up watching his son; Lynette tries to outdo Jane and lies about making Penny's costume; Carlos speaks to a sponsor from A.A. about his blackout; the housewives are in the woods with the shovels, but the body they buried was mysteriously dug up; Renee gets romantic with Ben.


  • The episode title is named after the song from the Broadway musical Into the Woods.


Actors Role(s)
Teri Hatcher Susan Delfino
Felicity Huffman Lynette Scavo
Marcia Cross Bree Van De Kamp
Eva Longoria Gabrielle Solis
Vanessa Williams Renee Perry
Ricardo Chavira Carlos Solis (as Ricardo Antonio Chavira)
Doug Savant Tom Scavo
Madison De La Garza Juanita Solis
Brenda Strong Mary Alice Young (voice)
Charles Mesure Ben Faulkner
Darcy Rose Byrnes Penny Scavo
Mason Vale Cotton M.J. Delfino
Andrea Parker Jane Carlson
Scott Lawrence Allen
Miguel Ferrer Andre Zeller
Becky Wu Amy Yamada
Mason Cook Jasper Zeller
Marcus Folmar Delivery Man
Lance Irwin Security Guard
Gabriel Morales Teen
Jon Michael Davis College Professor (uncredited)
Zoey Diaz Background (uncredited)
Elise Luthman Funny Trick-or-Treater (uncredited)
Tony Plana Alejandro Perez (uncredited)
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