Claymation Comedy of Horrors Show
Release date: 1991

Will Vinton's Claymation Comedy Of Horrors Show is a Halloween special that aired on CBS in 1991. It was taped in 1990.


Voice actor Character
Tim Conner Vince Pig
Slashmaster Salesman
Brian Cummings Sheldon Snail
Krisha Fairchild Registration Monster
Michele Mariana Wilshire Pig
Wilshire's Granny
Todd Tolces Dr. Victor Frankenswine
Vampire Maitre'D
Talking Diary
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  • Will Vinton's Claymation® Comedy Of Horrors
  • Introducing Wilshire Pig & Sheldon Snail
  • Screenplay by: Barry Bruce, Mark Gustafson, Ryan Holznagel
  • Producer: Paul Diener
  • Director: Barry Bruce
  • Director Of Photography: Bruce McKean
  • Lead Animators: John Ashlee Prat, Teresa Drilling, Chuck Duke, Jeff Mulcaster
  • Animators: Kyle Bell, Aleisa Bloom, Joel Brinkerhoff, Jane Clugston, Thomas Gurney, Hal Hickel, Schell Hickel, Kellie Lewis, Ray Nelson Jr., Jean C. Poulot, Si Duy Tran, J.R. Williams
  • Apprentice Animators: Michael Berenstein, Jeffrey Bost, Janet Karecki, Tracy Larson, Tim Tanner, Bill Wagner
  • Main Character Design: Gairy Bialke, Teresa Drilling, Sheila Lucas, Robert C. Terrell II
  • Principal Voices: Tim Conner, Brian Cummings, Krisha Fairchild, Michele Mariana, Todd Tolces
  • Music Directors: Jon Newton and Michael Bard
  • Film Editor: Scott Sundholm
  • Storyboard Artists: Jay Dee Alley and Elizabeth Rathke
  • Technical Support: Vince Backeberg, Jamie Haggerty, John Logue, Richard Malinowski, Jim McAllister, Skeets McGrew, Gary McRobert, Mike Morgan, Charlie Rehwalt, William Thompson
  • Additional Set Support: Webster Colcord, Karen Hout, Jerold Howard, Scott Nordlund, Christina Sells-Tooke
  • Supervising Sound Editor: George Hood
  • Sound Editors: Kelley Baker and Patrick Winters
  • Custom Sound Effects: Robert C. Terrell II
  • Assistant Editors: Lisle Hebert, Matt Isakson, Parker Logan, Tom Sheft
  • Re-Recording: Andy Wiskes, Wayne Woods, Michael Moore
  • Video Editor: Mike Quinn
  • Casting: Susan Conklin and Elizabeth Smith
  • Production Assistants: Suzanne Bignon and Elizabeth Rice
  • Art Department: Ben Adams, Bill Fiesterman, Bruce Rodgers, Cindy Schumock
  • © 1990 Will Vinton Productions
  • Claymation® Is The Registered Trademark Of Will Vinton Productions, Inc.
  • Use Of The Mark Is Prohibited Without Consent Of Will Vinton Productions, Inc.
  • Will Vinton Productions, Inc.
  • Claymation®

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