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"Trick Or Treat... Or Alien" is the Halloween episode of the Monster Buster Club.


It's Halloween and all the kids in Single Town are going trick-or-treating. Mark challenges Danny to go into the haunted house alone. In the end, Danny would be the first kid inside the haunted house. When he goes inside, there are a lot of spooky things happening to him: books flying around, the wall moving itself, he goes into the room and was trapped by the sticky on the floor. He tried to escape, but it didn't work. He alerts the other MBC members to save him. While Danny is trapped inside the haunted house, Chris, Sam and Cathy are going Trick or Treating, when suddenly their communicators get a transmission from Danny. They speed their way to the haunted house to save him. Finally, they reach Danny and try to save by using arsenal to break free from the sticky, which he has hold. When suddenly the floor is alive by itself, everyone is trying to get ready for battle, but after a while it reveals itself as a giant alien pet dog named Moppy, who has been lost on earth many years ago. The aliens of the Nix pet told them about the situation, his pet puppy's space ship only arrives on Halloween for their return to their planet. If this year ends they have to wait another year and he tells the MBC that the Space ship arrives somewhere in the single people home swimming pool. So the MBC hurries up and carries Moppy, and speed their way to the space ship with the help of John they're aware of people in Single Town were see the alien's pet dog. After all a long way, they finally reach the pool, but the puppy refused to go in the space ship. So, Danny uses his skill to attract the dog to space ship, Nix is very proud of the MBC and thanks them for bringing back his pet to their space ship. He will meet them again on another Halloween and they fly back to their planet.

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