"The Witches Are Out" is the first Halloween-themed episode of the fantasy sitcom Bewitched, originally aired on ABC during the show's first season.


Samantha does not like Halloween because of the image that people have of witches: Ugly, mean, and wicked. Samantha tries to get Darrin to see her way when he is working on a candy account. Mr. Brinkman wants to use the traditional witch while Darrin displays a beautiful, more glamorous witch. When Darrin refuses, he is fired from his job. When Samantha hears of this, she gets her witch friends Bertha, Mary and her Aunt Clara to help her get even with Brinkman. Brinkman sees the error of his ways when they zap him into the ugly old witch that he so desperately wants to display. He agrees to use the beautiful witch, thereby saving Darrin's job.


Actor Character
Elizabeth Montgomery Samantha Stephens
Dick York Darrin Stephens
Agnes Moorehead Endora (credit only)
Reta Shaw Bertha
Madge Blake Mary
Jacques Roux Foreign Legion Officer
David White Larry Tate
Shelley Berman Mr. Brinkman
Marion Lorne Aunt Clara

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