"The Safe and Sane Halloween" is the fourth Halloween-themed episode of the fantasy sitcom Bewitched, originally aired on ABC during the show's fourth season.


In the show's fourth Halloween episode, Samantha takes Tabitha trick-or-treating after she conjures up three ghouls from a storybook: A Goblin, a Gremlin, and a Jack O'Lantern. Mrs. Kravitz' nephew Tommy gets mixed up in the ordeal when one of the ghouls turn him into a billy goat.


Actor Character
Elizabeth Montgomery Samantha Stephens
Dick York Darrin Stephens
Agnes Moorehead Endora (credit only)
Erin Murphy Tabitha Stephens
George Tobias Abner Kravitz
Sandra Gould Gladys Kravitz
Kasey Rogers Louise Tate
Bobby Riha Tommy
Monty Margetts Mrs. Robinson
Jerry Maren Gremlin
Felix Silla Goblin
Billy Curtis Jack O'Lantern
Larry Barton Man
David White Larry Tate

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