"Technoscare" is the third Halloween episode of Harvey Beaks.


When Technobear decides he's too cool for trick-or-treating, he's visited by three Halloween spirits that remind him of the true meaning of the holiday.


Voice actor Character(s)
Max Charles Harvey Beaks
Angelina Wahler Fee
Thomas Robinson Foo
C.H. Greenblatt Dade
Mason Vaughan Technobear
Matthew Zhang Kratz
Madeleine Curry Piri Piri
Nicole Taylor Wedel Claire
Addie Chandler Rooter
Dana Snyder The Blargus
Kari Wahlgren Old Woman
Hot Cake
Club Girl
Grim Reaper Statue
Jackie Buscarino Candy
Rachel Butera Pooker
Mikey Kelley The Inspiration
Marc Maron Randl
Michael-Leon Wooley Officer Fredd
Lobster Guy
Skeleton Statue
Andres Salaff Elvis Owl
Nick Sumida Randl's Mom
Clown Statue

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