Stan Smith is the main character of American Dad!. Out of all the voices he's done in both Family Guy and American Dad!, MacFarlane says that Stan's voice is the most exhausting. It has been noted on DVD special features that Stan's voice is based on the announcers of 1950s American anti-communist propaganda films. He is similar to the title character from the cult 80s show Sledge Hammer, who also had a weird habit of talking to his gun, as Stan does. In "Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls", he prefers to himself as "The Fresh Prince of Scare House" and compete against his neighbor, Buckles to see who have horror house in Halloween. He dresses as a "sexy Cowardly Lion" and brought 3 serial killers inside his horror house, however, Roger Smith release them to make it scary but they're after Francine. While they escape and found the dead end, they were saved by Steve's Japanese friend Toshi by killing them with his katana.

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