Directed by: Rick Locke
Written by: Phil Baron
James Murray
Kevin Carlson
Release date: May 12, 1994
Running time: 30 minutes
Available on: VHS

Spooky Tooth is an episode of "The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth" series.


Timmy, Brushbrush and Bubbles head to the desert and visit the uncommon pyramids which were made a long time ago. On the exploration of the pyramid, they encounter bats and Rodney the Riddler who asks jokes to them. When a sound is heard coming from somewhere, they hear that it's coming from Mumfred the Mummy who is crying.


Actor Performer
Greg Ballora
Phil Baron Mr. Wisdom
Cheryl Blaylock Bubbles Gum
Kevin Carlson Timmy the Tooth
Michael Earl Ms. Flossie
Mumfred the Mummy
Dina Fraboni
Bruce Lanoil Sidney Cyclops
Mumfred's Dad
Todd Mattox Brushbrush
James Murray
Christine Papalexis Annette Bruner Prower
Mumfred's Mom
Allan Trautman Johnny Paste
Rodney the Riddle Spider
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