Scary Had a Little Lamb is the first Halloween episode of Good Luck Charlie.


PJ announces that he has a date for Halloween with a girl named Zoey. Teddy agrees to take Charlie trick-or-treating with her and Ivy. Gabe promises to protect Mrs. Dabney's house (from himself) during Halloween for $50 and although she agrees, she makes him sign a contract first.

Bob and Amy dress as each other for Halloween and meet PJ (dressed as a goth wearing a mustache)'s date Zoey whom Bob describes as a "spark plug". Mrs. Dabney comes over to get Gabe and show him that her house has been egged and toilet papered. She then shows him the contract that states he has to work for her for an entire day. Teddy and Ivy take Charlie to a house where a local teenager, Karl, scares her. When Teddy calls him out he attempts to apologize only to prank Teddy. She vows to get revenge.

The next day PJ is still wearing the goth costume (minus the mustache) and reveals that he is now a goth. When Amy questions why, Zoey turns up also dressed as a goth. PJ refers to himself as the complete opposite of what he used to be, asking to now be called JP. Gabe spends the day doing chores for Mrs. Dabney including giving Kaboodle a bath until he takes out the trash and discovers empty egg cartons and rolls of toilet paper. He figures out that Mrs. Dabney egged and TP'ed her own house then used the contract to trick Gabe.

Amy follows PJ to a cementary and convinces him that he doesn't need to change who he is for a girl, and that somewhere there's a girl who will appreciate him for who he is. PJ decides to break it off with Zoey but can't bring himself to hurt her feelings. Teddy and Ivy come up with a successful plan to get back at Karl by pretending Teddy is insane.

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