"Puttergeist" is a Halloween-themed episode of the 1992 Hanna-Barbera animated television series The Addams Family, originally aired on ABC during the show's first season.


Gomez and Morticia are delighted by Grandmama's Halloween tale, which events took place forty years ago. Grandmama talks about a man who went golfing on Halloween night, and was struck by lightning, which lost him his head. He then re-appeared as the Puttergeist: a mean man with a huge golf ball for a head who scares the town at night. Wednesday and Pugsley don't believe in the Puttergeist and go trick and treating with Thing and N.J. When Wednesday uncovers Uncle Fester as a Puttergeist impostor, her remaining doubts are confirmed: Puttergeist does not exist. So when the real Puttergeist shows up, attempting to scare and capture her, she is not feeling scared. While escaping with a golf car, it is revealed that Mr. Normanmeyer is the Puttergeist. He explains that the myth was started by his grandfather. N.J. is initially upset that the Puttergeist is not real, but he appreciates that his father continued the act for so long, just to please him. Moments later, the real Puttergeist drives along, confirming his existence.


Voice actor Character
John Astin Gomez Addams
Dick Beals N.J. Normanmeyer
Earl Boen Additional Voices
Candy Ann Brown Additional Voices
Ruth Buzzi Additional Voices
Carol Channing Grandmama Addams
Jim Cummings Lurch
Debi Derryberry Wednesday Addams
Jeannie Elias Pugsley Addams
Pat Fraley Cousin Itt
Richard Gautier Additional Voices
Ernest Harada Mr. Limp
Anna Maria Horsford Additional Voices
Gordon Hunt Additional Voices
Erv Immeman Additional Voices
Nick Jameson Additional Voices
Vicki Juditz Additional Voices
Page Leong Additional Voices
Nancy Linari Morticia Addams
Edie McClurg Mrs. Normanmeyer
Brian Stokes Mitchell Additional Voices
Ian Monfette Additional Voices
Rob Paulsen Mr. Normanmeyer
Marion Ramsey D.I. Holler
Hal Rayle Additional Voices
Charles Nelson Reilly Additional Voices
Robert Ridgely Additional Voices
Rip Taylor Uncle Fester
Marcelo Tubert Additional Voices
Renee Victor Additional Voices
Anderson Wong Additional Voices

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