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"Night of the Living Pumpkins" is a Halloween-themed episode of Extreme Dinosaurs.


It's Halloween, and the Extreme Dinosaurs are after the Raptors again. This time the Raptors are digging into a volcano to release lava and heat up the atmosphere. In their attempt to stop them, the Extreme Dinosaurs release a parasite that attacks and neutralizes the aggression center of the brain, which in turn infects them causing them to become nice. The Extreme Dinosaurs' friends must cure them from the parasite so that they can stop the latest Raptors' plan.


  • The episode title is named after the 1960s horror film Night of the Living Dead.


Voice actors Character(s)
Garry Chalk Bad Rap
Porcupine Duvall
Andrew Francis Dylan
Jason Gray-Stanford Bullzeye
Terry Klassen Spittor
Blu Mankuma Hardrock
Cusse Mankuma Spike
Scott McNeil T-Bone
Lee Tockar Haxx
Stevie Vallance Chedra (as Louise Vallance)
Sam Vincent Stegz (as Sam Khouth)
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