Ni Hao, Halloween is the Halloween episode of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.


Today is Halloween, and everyone is going trick-or-treating. Kai-Lan is dressed as a dinosaur, Tolee is dressed as a panda, Hoho is dressed as the Monkey King, and Rintoo is dressed as his favorite, a dragon. Everyone is very excited, but things go awry when Rintoo accidentally trips on a rock and sprains his ankle, ruining his chances of going trick-or-treating with his friends. Unfortunately, when Ye Ye tells him that he'll get better in the morning, Rintoo finds out that he won't be going trick-or-treating, gets upset and starts crying.

Kai-Lan and the gang finds out why and figures out what to do. Ye Ye is giving two of the Hula Ducks a pumpkin when Kai-Lan accidentally bumps into the table and knocks it out of their hand. She apologizes and Ye Ye finds out what to do with the crushed pumpkin. So he grabs a pie tin and scraps up the stuff inside of it. Kai-Lan and Tolee realize that if something goes wrong, they can find a way to make things better.

Back in Kai-Lan's room, they tell Rintoo that they can make things better for him, by making a bed car. Their plan works and Rintoo is finally able to go trick-or-treating. When the gang spots a party on Hula Duck Island, they make their way, but when one of the wheels break, Tolee and Hoho get upset. Rintoo tells them that they can make things better. Lulu appears in a ballerina dress and ties a few balloons to the bed, flying them across the island to the party. Kai-Lan sits on the bed with Rintoo, who finds out that he is able to walk again, if he rests for the rest of the night.


  • This is the final episode of season 1 and the very last episode which aired in 2008.
  • The Monkey King, who is Kai-Lan's most ever very favorite superhero friend, happens to be first mentioned in this episode. The real Monkey King character appeared in the hour-long specials, Princess Kai-Lan and Journey to Monkey King Castle.
  • This episode happens to be the very first episode where someone has ever gotten hurt.
  • This is also the first episode where someone has ever cried in.

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