Mad Mad Mad Monsters is a traditionally animated Rankin/Bass Halloween special, and a sequel of Mad Monster Party. It is also part of the ABC Saturday Superstar Movie series.


Voice actor Character
Allen Swift The Monster
The Creature from the Black Lagoon
The Invisible Man
The Invisible Boy
Dracula's Son
Ron Chanley/The Wolfman
Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
Bradley Bolke Norman
Additional Voices
Rhoda Mann The Monster's Mate
Nagatha The Invisible Woman
Additional Voices
Bob McFadden Baron Henry von Frankenstein


  • Produced & Directed by: Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass
  • Written by: William J. Keenan and Lou Silverstone
  • Associate Producer: Basil Cox
  • Voices: Bob McFadden, Rhoda Mann, Bradley Bolke, Allen Swift
  • Sound Engineers: David Scott and Robert Elder
  • Editorial Supervision: Irwin Goldress
  • Animation by: Mushi Studios
  • Animation Supervision: Steve Nakagawa
  • Music by: Maury Laws
  • A Rankin/Bass Production
  • A Division Of Tomorrow Entertainment, Inc.


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