"Louie's Harrowing Halloween" is the Halloween episode of the Fox Kids animated series Life with Louie.


While shopping, Louie ends up stealing candy, so he tries to get rid of it during Halloween.


Voice actors Characters(s)
Louie Anderson Narrator
Andy Anderson (Dad)
Little Louie
Edie McClurg Ora Anderson (Mom)
Miko Hughes Tommy Anderson
Justin Shenkarow Michael Grunewald
Glen Glenn
Debi Derryberry Jeannie Harper
Justin Jon Ross Toddler (as Justin John Ross)
Meagen Fay  ??? (as Megan Fay)
Tommy Hinkley  ???
Jon Polito  ???
Xander Berkeley  ???
Terrence "T.C." Carson  ??? (as T.C. Carson)
Troy Evans  ???
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