Le Halloween is the second Halloween episode of Good Luck Charlie.


It's Halloween for the Duncans and Amy dresses up like a kangaroo for Halloween, complete with a baby pouch for Toby and Charlie, while Bob goes in his exterminator uniform, going by the name Captain Extermo. Then, Bob buys bad candy called Uncle Milton's Honey Glops. Ingredients: honey, glops, Amy says. Amy thinks Bob's costume is not spirited enough until she realizes she needs his help when a bat gets stuck in their home, so she needs help from Bob.

Meanwhile, Teddy and Spencer try and celebrate their one-year anniversary. Teddy sets up a mini version of Paris in PJ's apartment and gets PJ to cook for her. She tells Spencer that she set the apartment up like Paris because they first met in French class and they both wanted to one day go to Paris. Spencer, however, doesn't remember when they met and Teddy gets angry and thinks that she is the only one into their relationship. Spencer asks her how many months it was when they were broken up, and she says nine months, but he says the exact time. He tells her that she is the best thing that happens to him and they almost kiss. They get interrupted by clowns and have a fight with clowns in PJ's apartment.

Also, Gabe gets tricked by Mrs. Dabney into attending a ceremony in honor of her charitable work. Mrs. Dabney and Gabe then decide to split her money and they trick the people at the ceremony work. At the end, Gabe feels guilty and has a dream about him and Mrs. Dabney dancing in handcuffs, and he tells Mrs. Dabney to give the money back to the ceremony.

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