Junie Harper is the main villain of King of the Hill episode "Hilloween".


She was a very religious woman who hated Halloween, calling it a "Satanist holiday". She spreads her beliefs to Luanne, causing her to think that Hank was a Satanist. Junie accuses the "Satanists" of killing her cat, when in truth she herself killed it, after accidentally running it over with her car. She claims that Halloween is a "religious" holiday. Junie thought that anyone who celebrated it would go to Hell, and tried to ban it from Arlen. She is successful, and a curfew is put in place on Halloween night. She also tried to make Bobby join her "Hallelujah Club" despite going against her own curfew.


  • She also talks down to almost anyone, even her fellow Christians, and seems to be used to getting what she wants, often threatening legal action if she is not satisfied with the results.
  • Her behavior and ways of "teaching the results of sinning" are somewhat similar those of Ned Flanders, who once opened up a "Heck House" on Halloween, and exaggerating biblical sins with over-dramatized results. She also appears to blame Satanists for anything negative, ranging from upset children, to running over her own cat in an overreaction to Hank and Bobby's prank.

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