Jebediah Townhouse is the main villain of the Regular Show's Terror Tales of the Park III: "The Previously Owner".

In "Terror Tales of the Park III", it is said that he lived in the house 200 years ago. Jebediah was ahead of his time. More so than most others who are considered ahead of their time, since he acted and spoke like it was the 1980s. Since he behaved and talked oddly, the townsfolk thought that he was a witch, and tried to murder him. Before they could, he put his soul into the house and exclaimed he would show them all and return in 200 years when everyone talked and acted like him, and he would be king of the world. When he realized everyone in his time would be long dead by then, he vowed to come back in the form of a murderous poltergeist to haunt and kill whomever is inside of the house, but before doing so, he signed his house over to Mr. Maellard.

Unfortunately for Townhouse, his predicted time of return bypassed the eighties, when he would have been in style. Meaning now instead of being far too ahead of his time, his mannerisms were considered old fashioned and out of touch. 200 years later on Halloween night, Benson told his fellow park workers the story of Jebediah as well as a scary story about him, afterwards proceeding to tell them that he was indeed a real person. Jebediah then finally manifested and scared off everyone in the house and proceeded to wish them a Happy Halloween.

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