"House Ghosts" is the second Halloween episode of the Disney animated television series, House of Mouse, originally aired on Toon Disney's New For You! Show on October 10, 2003.


It's Halloween and Pete unleashes some grim, grinning ghosts onto the club to try and scare everyone away.

Featured cartoonsEdit

  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Pluto Gets the Paper: Spaceship
  • How to Haunt a House


  • The animation for the opening sequence of this episode was recycled from Mickey's House of Villains.
  • This is the only episode to ever reference Pixar films, despite no Pixar characters appearing (for obvious reasons).


Voice actor Character
Wayne Allwine Mickey Mouse
Tony Anselmo Donald Duck
Corey Burton Chernabog
Jim Cummings Pete
Ed the Hyena
Bill Farmer Goofy
Matt Frewer Panic
Bobcat Goldthwait Pain
Tony Jay Magic Mirror
Tress MacNeille Daisy Duck
Mr. T (as himself)
Rod Roddy Mike
Ernie Sabella Pumbaa
Kevin Schon Timon
Russi Taylor Minnie Mouse
April Winchell Clarabelle Cow
James Woods Hades
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