Hello! Monster Halloween! is the Halloween episode of Monster High anime version.


It's Halloween, and Mr. Where is about to teach a lecture on Halloween. Clawdeen says that the teacher's talking putting her to sleep. Draculaura looks at her icoffin and tells the ghouls about how the Monster Soft clock is counting down to Halloween. Frankie is really excited to celebrate her first Halloween. Clawdeen can't wait for grilled Halloween meat (beef and chicken). Draculaura faints from the sight and smell of the meat. Frankie is a bit confused at this since Draculaura is related to Dracula. Clawdeen tries to offer having meat together with Ghoulia but she faints as well. Clawdeen doesn't mind, declaring it as now being a one person feast. Lagoona is happy about Halloween conveyor sushi and how there are so many different kinds. Clawdeen says that there doesn't seem to be an end to all the sushi rolling in. Lagoona cheerfully replies that she could spend forever eating. Mr. Where tries to settle the class, announcing that there will be a test over how monsters and humans act on Halloween. Afterward, Draculaura leads the ghouls to her locker to get ready for Halloween. As the Halloween countdown hits 0, the mirror in Draculaura's locker begins to glow and sucks the ghouls inside. The mirror transports them to Japan's Halloween Fashion Show, where the ghouls crash the show. The humans are all excited by the appearance of "such stylish monsters." The fashion show is a big hit. Meanwhile, back at the school, a mysterious someone drops her iCoffin after seeing the picture of the ghouls from the fashion show. Jealousy begins to grow for the next episode.


Voice actor Character
 ? Mr. Where
Kae Matoba Clawdeen Wolf
Nana Hamasaki Draculaura
Madoka Yonezawa Frankie Stein
 ? Sir Hoots A Lot
Sayuri Ito Lagoona Blue