"Halloween Scary Fun Action Plan" is the Halloween episode of the animated show Lloyd in Space.


Lloyd and the gang have a plan to scare Francine and her friends at Halloween, topping it off with Boomer's haunted house. But when Lloyd and the gang themselves go into the haunted house they are sent into the future, where all of Lloyd's friends turn into monsters, and he's left hiding on the station for the next fifty years. After admitting he misses Francine, and that he shouldn't have scared her, it turns out that it was a telepathic prank by Francine, with help from her friends and Boomer.


Voice actor Character
Courtland Mead Lloyd Nebulon
Justin Shenkarow Eddie Horton
Pamela Hayden Douglas McNoggin
Bill Fagerbakke Kurt Blobberts
Nicolette Little Francine Nebulon
April Winchell Nora Nebulon
Brain George Station
Diedrich Bader Boomer
Eddie Deezen Larry
Tress MacNeille Mrs. Bolt

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