Halloween 3: AwesomeLand is the third Halloween episode of Modern Family.


Jay is tired of always being the "ugly guy" on Halloween and Gloria the princess but Gloria tells him that this is happening because he never wants to go with them to buy their outfits. Jay says that this time he will go and buy everyone a costume and he buys a costume of Prince Charming for himself, along with a blond wig. He loves the wig because it makes him remember his youth when he still had hair but he ends up going to the party without it since Stella got it and buried it destroying it. At the Dunphys, Claire has to work this year so Phil is responsible for the Halloween decorations of the house. He starts decorating but nothing is scary, like Claire likes to be on Halloween, but she accepts it since she cannot stay to change it. An encounter with her new neighbor Ronnie though, makes her change her mind and she skips work to stay and make their home the scariest of the neighborhood so they can win the contest of the scariest house. When Ronnie sees Claire's decorations, his wife Amber pretends that she is traumatized by them, making Claire and the whole family go back to Phil's non-scary decorations. At the end of the day, Amber and Ronnie admit that they lied so they could win the contest and Claire promises them that they will pay for this. Meanwhile, Mitchell tries to get ready for a trial that he wants to win because he already lost three times in a row, while Cameron tries to balance his time for work and for Lily. Cameron is dressed up as Superman, Lily as Waldo and they leave for Lily's school while Mitchell leaves for the court. Mitchell ends up losing the trial again while Cameron finds out at school that the costume of the parents should be fitting with their kids as the flyer was saying. He goes back home to change his costume and returns to school to find out that the parade is after the classes, something that was also on the flyer. Cameron cannot stay because he has to go to work and Lily is upset. Back at home, Mitchell proves that Lily never gave the flyer to them and that is why Cameron did not know about the parade and the costumes. Cameron and Lily apologize to each other while Mitchell gets his win.

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