Halloween is the Halloween episode of Wizards of Waverly Place.


The Russo's haunted house has been lame every year, because Justin insists that they focus on safety. The person in charge of the haunted house threatens to take it away if it's not scary. Alex then goes to the wizard world and gets three real but kind of lame ghosts, following her dad's orders. But, they aren't scary enough at first, Teresa thinks they're just people in masks. Alex and Harper go back to the wizard world and get 'Mantooth' the scariest ghost from the wizard world who used to scare Justin at night. Mantooth does something with his face that scares the children so badly that they flee the house. Mr. Evans immediately declares that their haunted house is too scary and takes it away anyway.


Actor Role
Selena Gomez Alex Russo
David Henrie Justin Russo
Jake T. Austin Max Russo
Jennifer Stone Harper Finkle
Maria Canals-Barrera Theresa Russo
David DeLuise Jerry Russo
Keith Allan Wally
Stephen A.F. Day Frank
Bo Foxworth Ghost Coach
Scott Freeburg Doug
Hilary Hacker Miss Chenowith
Shannon McClung Doug's Body
Daniel Roebuck Mr. Evans
Holland Sanders  ?
Sean Whalen Mantooth
George Mims Ghost Coach #2 (uncredited)
Carly Jordan Pancher Little Bo Peep (uncredited)
Josh Webber Student (uncredited)

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