Written by: Christine Ferraro
Release date: October 29, 2016
Running time: 30 minutes
Rating: TV-Y

"Halloween" is the Halloween-themed episode of the children's television series, Sesame Street, originally aired on HBO during the show's forty-sixth season on October 29, 2016.


Elmo shows Irwin about the fun of pretending to wear a costume on Halloween.


Performer Character
Lesile Carrara-Rudolph Abby Cadabby
Ryan Dillon Elmo
Eric Jaobson Oscar the Grouch
Jennifer Barnhart Zoe
Billy Barkhurst Ernie
Carmen Osbahr Rosita
Matt Vogel Big Bird
Count von Count
Peter Linz Irwin
David Rudman Cookie Monster
Suki Lopez Nina
Alan Muraoka Alan


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