Halloween is a short animated film distributed by RKO Radio Pictures, and stars Toby the Pup. Though not exactly the last cartoon in the series, it is the last one that exists as of today.


Inside a school party one evening, a jolly Toby dances around. He then kisses some ladies but they react frightened instead of flattered. Though not showing any glare, the flapper girl is annoyed and comes to confront Toby. When Toby kisses her a few times, the flapper girl gives him a high five to the face. She then complains to him about "trying to spoil" her party, and even threatens to tell his mother about it. To please the flapper girl, Toby goes on to play the piano. Toby then plays a fancy tune on the instrument, and everybody celebrates to his performance.

Meanwhile, a witch and various supernatural creatures arrive in the area and are approaching the school. Toby appears to be aware on what's happening and therefore informs his classmates. The monsters break in and everyone goes into a frenzy. Toby, for some reason, isn't afraid, and therefore goes into a clash. He then comes up with the idea of emulating a rooster's crow which made the monsters think daylight is near and that they flee the school. The flapper girl approaches Toby in a happy mood.

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