"Hallobeanies" is the Halloween episode of the Cartoon Network original series Camp Lazlo.


On Halloween, The Jelly Beans stow away in their cabin in Camp Kidney so they can trick or treat, while the rest of the campers head home for the school year. Where Lumpus plans to have a great evening alone where it is quiet but the Jellybeans knock on his door and trick or treat. Horrified when he sees the hated-by-him Jelly Beans, Lumpus convinces himself they are not real. He shuts the door and the Jellybeans do not receive any candy. They walk in a circle and wind up at Lumpus' cabin again. They trick or treat there, only to obviously receive no candy. They keep going in a circle, unaware that they are trick-or-treating at the same place. Lumpus wants them to go away so he plans to scare them in time for him to walk outside with his door open, allowing the Jelly Beans to walk in.

The door shuts behind them but then they discover the drawers of candy Lumpus had confiscated from campers. Outside and unaware of the Jellys' location, Lumpus sneaks up to his door and smashes a rake in his face. The Jellys think it is the Halloween Spirit (earlier Lazlo told Clam and Raj that for those who do not believe in Halloween will be cursed by the Halloween Spirit) and Raj admits for a second he only believed in candy. They hide in a bear statue and Lumpus walks in and thinks the bear statue {since the Jellybeans ate too much candy and are wiggling around} is the Halloween Spirit.

After a confusing, two-way chase, Lumpus begs for forgiveness and the Jellybeans puke, and Lumpus thinks it is forgiveness. And The Episode Ends When The Jelly Beans said that it was the best Halloween ever.

In the end credits, Lumpus opens and closes the door repeatedly, and reveals the Jelly Beans, a taxidermy bear, a rake, and two clones of himself (One in pajamas, the other bathing) outside.


Voice actor Character
Carlos Alazraqui Lazlo
Jeff Bennett Raj
Tom Kenny Scoutmaster Lumpus