"Good Will Haunting", originally aired on 30 October 1998, is the third Halloween episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


With Halloween rapidly approaching, Sabrina, Hilda, and Zelda get invited to their Aunt Beulah's annual celebration. Seeing they have finally ran out of excuses for staying away from her party for the past 500 years, Zelda reluctantly sends back their RSVP, much to Hilda's displeasure. Since Sabrina has a double date with Valerie, Harvey, and Justin, she gets to ditch the party. As a result, she gets an unexpected surprise from Aunt Beulah when a magical talking doll is sent over from the Other Realm. It doesn't take long for the "Molly Dolly" to start terrorizing Sabrina and her guests after her aunts leave for their party.

Hilda and Zelda also get their own scary surprise when they discover that Aunt Beulah lives in an insane asylum.


Actor Role
Melissa Joan Hart Sabrina Spellman
Caroline Rhea Hilda Spellman
Beth Broderick Zelda Spellman
Nate Richert Harvey Kinkle
Jenna Leigh Green Libby Chessler (credit only)
Lindsay Sloane Valerie Birkhead
Nick Bakay Salem Saberhagen (voice)
Martin Mull Principal Willard Kraft (credit only)
Gary Owens Guy Who Thinks He's Gary Owens
Alan Sues Bellevuedere
Ruth Buzzi Delilah
Jo Anne Worley Aunt Beulah (as Joanne Worley)
Dave Madden Dr. Hans Egglehoffer (as David Madden)
Corbin Allred Justin Thumb
Tara Strong Molly Dolly (voice) (as Tara Charendoff)
Ringo Starr Mummy
William Finley Werewolf (uncredited)
Donald Trump Daniel Ray McLeech (uncredited)
Jacob Witkin Frankenstien (uncredited)
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