"Full Bars" is the first Halloween episode of the FOX animated sitcom Bob's Burgers, originally aired on October 7, 2012.


On Halloween, Tina (dressed as a "mommy mummy"), Gene (as Queen Latifah), and Louise (as Edward Scissorhands) for the first time were granted by their parents to go trick-or-treating unsupervised. After receiving mini-sized candies that resulted in disappointment, they later find out that a nearby wealthy island have a tradition of handing out large bars to trick-or-treaters. Excited, the Belchers board a ferry to Kingshead Island.

Once they arrive at Kingshead, the kids are greeted by residents Milo and Ned. Milo and Ned explained that Hell Hunt -- when teenagers terrorize any remaining kids on the streets -- is taking place. During their trick-or-treating at the island now with the large candies, the Belchers and Milo and Ned were under attack. Tina, Louise, and Gene managed to escape towards the ferry to return them home, but Milo and Ned are captured. Tina convinces a reluctant Louise and Gene to save them.

The Belchers found Milo and Ned held hostage at the tennis court. After freeing them, they plan revenge on the teenagers. Louise snatches a cell phone belonging to a crush of the teenagers and made a call that the crush is having a skinny-dip party and they are all invited. The teenagers arrived, only to find out it's a prank. A chase ensues, but it's interrupted by a group of trick-or-treaters and they pelted the teens with urine-filled balloons. Tina, Louise, and Gene and Milo and Ned gave each other their thanks and they all went home.

In another story, Linda (dressed as a mermaid) and Bob (refusing to wear a costume) goes to Teddy's Halloween party, where everything is painted orange and black. Teddy finally convinces Bob to wear something -- a fat suit. The party was later interrupted by Teddy, who says that his guinea pig, Frances, is killed. He then keeps his guests from leaving his house until one confesses. Later, Bob realizes that he killed Frances -- he had found black and orange hair on the back of his fat suit.

At the funeral for Frances, Bob confessed to Teddy that he might have killed her. However, Teddy lets everyone go after learning that Frances was most likely died due to old age -- or the amount of paint applied to the guinea pig.

At the end of the episode Bob and Linda tells their kids what happened at the party while they're enjoying their candy, though they didn't ask them about their night.


Voice actor Character
H. Jon Benjamin Bob Belcher
Dan Mintz Tina Belcher
Eugene Mirman Gene Belcher
John Roberts Linda Belcher
Kristen Schaal Louise Belcher
David Herman Mr. Frond
Andy Kindler Mort
Jay Johnston Jimmy Pesto
Joe Lo Truglio Bryce
Tim Meadows Mike
Larry Murphy Teddy
Eddie Pepitone Reggie
Paul Rust Milo
Samantha Shelton Amanda

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