Frighty Med
Directed by: Eric Dean Seaton
Written by: Vincent Brown
Release date: October 14, 2013

"Frighty Med" is the Halloween episode of the Disney XD original series Mighty Med.


Oliver must follow through with creating a Frankenstein-inspired play when his dad becomes curious about where he goes every day after school. Meanwhile, Kaz and Skylar embark on a mission to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of the superhero, Brain Matter.[1]


Actor Character
Bradley Steven Perry Kaz
Jake Short Oliver
Paris Berelc Skylar Storm
Devan Leos Alan Diaz
Augie Isaac Gus
Cozi Zuehlsdorff Jordan
Carlos Lacámara Horace Diaz
Napoleon Ryan Brain Matter
Troy Brenna Brain Matter Monster


  1. Plot Description

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