Elmo Says BOO! is a 1997 Sesame Street direct-to-video compilation celebrating Halloween. Elmo visits the Count's castle to tell him funny scary jokes. Classic Sesame Street segments are separated with new joke segments set in the castle's exterior, featuring one Sesame Street character and a child, and interior, featuring the Count, Elmo, and some combination of the Bats, the Skeleton, a painting of the "Groana Lisa," a suit of armor and the Count's pipe organ.


Performer Character
Kevin Clash Elmo
Kingston Livingston III
Jim Henson Ernie
Harvey Monster
Richard Hunt Kermit the Forg
Steve D' Monster
Joey Mazzarino Joey Monkey
Sir Count-A-Lot
Jerry Nelson Count von Count
Maurice Monster
Ernie's Statue
Carmen Osbahr Rosita
Frank Oz Bert

Clancy Monster

Julia Roberts Herself
Martin P. Robinson Telly
David Rudman Baby Bear
Davey Monkey
Lillias White Herself
Christopher Cerf Chrissy Monster (uncredited)





  • Transylvania 12345 and Frazzle are the only two songs that have not been mentioned in any way throughout the special although they happened on those points after the animated sketches.
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