Written by: Ken Scarborough
Release date: October 31, 1994
Running time: 22 minutes
Available on: VHS

"Doug's Halloween Adventure" was the first Halloween-themed episodes of the animated series Doug and the only one made during the show's original run on Nickelodeon. It first aired on October 31, 1994.


When a spooky new amusement ride, Blood Stone Manor, opens up at Funkytown on Halloween night, Skeeter wants to check it out instead of trick-or-treating. Doug reluctantly agrees to go, but when the park closes before their turn comes up, Roger convinces them to go on the ride anyway.


Voice actor Character
Billy West Doug Funnie
Roger Klotz
Boomer Bledsoe
Becca Lish Judy Funnie
Connie Benge
Fred Newman Skeeter Valentine
Doug Preis Mr. Bone
Ned Cauphee
Willie White
Constance Shulman Patti Mayonnaise
Mr. Mayonnaise

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