"#Dollsitting" is the Halloween episode of the TV series Sam & Cat.


On a Halloween night, Sam dresses up like Cat while Cat dresses up like a genie. Sam and Cat are hired Mr. Drange, a man Cat met by a graveyard, to babysit a creepy doll he calls Clarice. Dice gives Cat a spell book and Cat tries to use a spell on Dice. She later suspects she may have turned Dice into a monkey. However, Sam doesn't believe Cat's spell really worked and tries to convince Cat it didn't. Meanwhile, the doll seems to be in a new location every time they look at it, terrifying Sam and Cat. Mr. Drange returns and instructs them to take Clarice to the Del DeVille Band concert. Del DeVille recognizes Clarice before the release of the new song causing the security guards to throw Sam, Cat, and Clarice out. Afterwards, the duo soon get annoyed with Mr. Drange and complain, telling him to stop pretending the doll is his daughter and that he was freaking everyone out. In a twist ending, the doll comes to life as a little girl revealing that Clarice really was the daughter of the man as Mr. Drange quotes "Happy Halloween" upon his departure.


Actor Character
Jennette McCurdy Sam Puckett
Ariana Grande Cat Valentine
Cameron Ocasio Dice
Sibyl Gregory Clarice
Nick Josephs Guitar Player
Sean Kyle Tyler
Myko Olivier Del Delville
Jack Rozuk Shane
Tom Schmid Mr. Drange
Dre Swain Bungle Actor
Brandon Weaver Tandy Performer

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