Broom-Stick Bunny is a Halloween-themed Looney Tunes short starring Bugs Bunny and Witch Hazel, directed by Chuck Jones, and released by Warner Bros. on February 25, 1956.


Broom-Stick Bunny

Witch Hazel, about to make Bugs the final ingredient in her witch's brew.

It's Halloween and Witch Hazel is brewing a magic potion. As she goes about her business, she pauses at her magic mirror and asks it who is the ugliest one of all. The genie in the mirror replies that she, Witch Hazel, is the ugliest. Hazel is deathly afraid of getting pretty as she grows older.

Meanwhile, Bugs Bunny is out trick-or-treating dressed as a witch, his face hidden by an ugly green mask. He calls on Hazel, who mistakes him for an actual witch. She dashes to her magic mirror and then confirms she is no longer the ugliest. The jealous Hazel then hatches a plot.

She invites the disguised Bugs in for tea and prepares a brew containing various beauty enhancers. Bugs is about to drink the tea when he remembers he is still wearing the mask and removes it. Seeing her "rival" is really a rabbit, the witch dashes off to consult her potion book. Sure enough, the last ingredient for the potion she was brewing earlier is a rabbit's clavicle. While she is gone, Bugs suspects trouble is afoot and tries to leave, but he is stopped at the door by Witch Hazel brandishing a meat cleaver. Bugs flees with the cackling witch chasing him through the house. She dashes into her magic broom closet to get her flying broomstick to try to keep up with him, but she grabbed the wrong one which starts sweeping with her on it before she lets go. As Bugs hides she finally traps him using a carrot on a fishing line.

Back at her cauldron, Hazel prepares to kill Bugs and use him in her potion. She is about to bring her cleaver down on the trussed-up rabbit, but he plays to her sympathies, gazing back at her with tear-filled doe eyes. Hazel then bursts into tears, claiming his innocent face reminds her of Paul, her pet tarantula. Bugs starts comforting her by bringing her the cup of beauty potion/tea, which she unknowingly drinks. She instantly changes into a young and shapely woman (naturally, Milt Franklyn strikes up "Oh, You Beautiful Doll"), which of course horrifies her. She dashes to the magic mirror once again to ask (in a softer and sexier voice) who is the ugliest one of all. The genie in the mirror, seeing her sexy new appearance, instantly falls in love with her and then lunges to grab her. Hazel flees on her actual flying broomstick with the genie chasing her on his magic carpet, slowly gaining on her. Bugs promptly calls the local air raid headquarters to report "a genie with light brown hair chasing a flying sorceress!".


Voice actor Character
Mel Blanc Bugs Bunny
June Foray Witch Hazel (uncredited)
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