"Boo Gi Nights" is the first Halloween episode of the Disney XD original series, Kickin' It, originally aired on October 24, 2011. The episode's title is a reference of the 1997 drama film Boogie Nights.


The Bobby Wasabi gang is determined to stop the Black Dragons from ruining the mall's annual Halloween Boo-Stravaganza. Jack assures the others that he’s not afraid of the Black Dragons, or anything else for that matter. The gang doesn't want to fight. But when a sales rep from Circus Burger enters the courtyard, Jack comes unglued, revealing his biggest weakness. He is afraid of clowns. When the Black Dragons use their new-found discovery against him by dressing up as clowns, Jack tries to take down the posse while blindfolded. Meanwhile, Rudy meets a mysterious woman in a cat costume and tries to find out her true identity.


Actor Character
Leo Howard Jack Brewer
Dylan Riley Snyder Milton D. Krupnick
Mateo Arias Jerry Martinez
Olivia Holt Kim B. Crawford
Alex Christian Jones Eddie
Jason Earles Rudy Gillsepie
Loni Love Marge

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