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"Boo-Hoo to You!" is the first Halloween episode of the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins.


It's Halloween night and Doc and her dad are wearing costumes for the night. Doc is a cowgirl and her dad is a carrot and both of them state that this is their favorite night. They are fixing up a room in their house for when the kids come over. Doc's father brings over something for the room - a pumpkin. Though as Doc points out they already have plenty of those. Doc's dad points out that they don't have one like this as it's a pumpkin with a ghost inside and when you walk past it the ghost will pop out. It works just fine when Doc walks past, but not when her father does. So Doc takes the toy ghost in a pumpkin to her clinic for a checkup. Once there she brings her toys to life and compliments their costumes. She mistakenly thinks Stuffy is a pirate, Lambie is a rabbit, Hallie is a daisy and Squeakers is a mouse. Chilly claims he is dressed as a snowman, even though he already is one. Doc introduces everyone to the ghost in a pumpkin and he says his name is Sebastian and states that he's stuck within the pumpkin. So Doc goes into the checkup room and fixes him so he'll pop. Once out Sebastian is at first confused as to why everyone is wearing costumes. Doc states that it's for Halloween and Sebastian says that this is his first one. So Doc explains to him how everyone wears costumes for this night. Doc takes Sebastian and the other toys back to the house and Sebastian gets scared of the decorations and hides himself in his pumpkin. At first Doc thinks that he might have a relapse but nothing is broken so she asks him if he can come out. He does and she finds out that he's scared of Halloween. Doc brings the Halloween decorations to life to show Sebastian that everyone is really friendly. She then proceeds to tell him that Halloween is full of make-believe and imagination and that there is nothing to be afraid of.


Voice actor Character
Kiara Muhammad Doc McStuffins
Lara Jill Miller Lambie
Hazel the Witch
Dee Bradley Baker Sebastian
Loretta Devine Hallie
Jess Harnell Chilly
Robbie Rist Stuffy
Gary Anthony Williams Mr. McStuffins


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