Blue's Big Costume Party is a Halloween episode of the Nick Jr. series Blue's Clues.


Actor Role
Steve Burns Steve
Traci Paige Johnson Blue
Aleisha Allen Side Table Drawer
Kathryn Avery Tickety Tock
Nick Balaban Mr. Salt
Courtney Taylor Burness Steve's Friend
Jenna Marie Castle Paprika
Koyalee Chanda Magenta
Marshall Claffy Pail
Molly Figluzzi Steve's Friend
Travis Hartgens Steve's Friend
David Hayes Steve's Friend
Spencer Kayden Mrs. Pepper
Bianca Macnamara Steve's Friend
Kyle McGowan Steve's Friend
Seth O'Hickory Mailbox
Cody Ross Pitts Slippery
Victoria Pontecorvo Steve's Friend
Stephen Schmidt Shovel
Madeleine Steinberg Steve's Friend
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