Beam It Up (also known as Halloween It Up) is the first Halloween episode of Shake It Up.


Rocky and CeCe go to a Halloween party at the Shake It Up, Chicago! studio. Rocky likes one of the guys at the party who is dressed in a Renaissance costume and introduces CeCe to his half brother who is in a hunchback costume. CeCe isn't interested in the guy, but Rocky isn't allowed to be with boys alone, so she asks CeCe to come on a date with them. The next day, Rocky and CeCe meet the two brothers at Crusty's Pizza. CeCe tries to get out of it, but Rocky tells her that you have to take at least three hours to really get to know a person. The guy that CeCe wasn't interested in turned out to be really cool and cute, but the guy Rocky liked turned out to be really weird because he was still wearing his costume from the party. It turns out that he dresses that way all the time. Rocky wants to leave, but CeCe gives her a taste of her own medicine and makes her continue on the date for the full three hours. Meanwhile, Flynn suspects that his new neighbor, Zane, is an alien and has a dream that he and Henry have been abducted.

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