"A Hoohaw Halloween" is the Halloween episode of Disney series PB&J Otter.


Pinch Raccoon is nervous about going trick-or-treating. The Otters convince her that it is nothing to be scared of and Jelly agrees to accompany her. When, however, the big night comes, PB&J are all too sick with stomachaches, which means that they're unable to go trick-or-treating, so Pinch must bravely face going out trick-or-treating without her very best friend. Meanwhile, back at home, the Otter children think of ways to make their own fun.


Voice actors Character(s)
Adam Rose Peanut Otter
Jenell Brook Slack Jelly Otter
Gina Marie Tortorici Baby Butter Otter
??? Opal Otter
Chris Phillips Munchy Beaver
Ernest Otter
Eddie Korbich Flick Duck
Ootsie Snootie
Bootise Snootie
Cody Pennes Pinch Raccoon
Scootch Raccoon
??? Walter Raccoon
??? Wanda Raccoon
??? Betty Lou Beaver
??? Edouard Snootie
??? Cap'n Crane
??? Connie Crane
??? Shirley Duck
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