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"A Biskitt Halloween" is a Halloween-themed episode of the Hanna-Barbera series The Biskitts, originally aired on CBS with "Moving Day" as the show's seventh episode.


On Halloween, a witch that the Biskitts have outsmarted years ago returns to obtain two Biskitts in order to stay on Biskitt Swamp. Her spell ends up draining the life out of the swamp which also turns Scratch, King Max, and Shecky to stone. She kidnapped Waggs and Sweets. Now the other Biskitts must save them before the witch's spell is complete.


Voice actors Character(s)
Dick Beals Scat
Peter Cullen Scratch
Dog Foot
Jennifer Darling Wiggle
Marshall Efron Mooch
Henry Gibson Downer
Kathleen Helppie-Shipley Sweets (as Kathleen Helppie)
Darryl Hickman Wags
Bob Holt Spinner
Jerry Houser Shiner
Kip King Shecky
Kenneth Mars Max

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