"A 'Tween Halloween" is the Halloween episode of the Disney animated television series Pepper Ann, originally aired on ABC with "Mash into Me" during the show's second season.


Milo is all set to go Trick-or-Treating and wants Pepper Ann to go with him. But when she does a poll and finds out no one else will be doing it, she thinks they are too old.


Voice actor Character
Kathleen Wilhoite Pepper Ann Pearson
Jeff Bennett Dieter Liederhosen
Craig Bean
Danny Cooksey Milo Kamalani
Clea Lewis Nicky Little
Pamela Aldon Moose Pearson
Additional Voices
April Winchell Mom
Kath Soucie Cissy Rooney
Jenna Von Oy Trinket St. Blaire
Cree Summer Tessa and Vanessa James
Adam Wylie Crash
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